Frequently Asked Questions

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Check out the most frequently asked questions about Treemily. If your question is not covered here, feel free to contact us!

What options are there in the family tree editor?

The editor contains several main areas:

  • Your Family Tree, where you see the tree members and their summary like name, surname, dob, dod, residence, etc.
  • Quick Edit Panel, where you may see more extended info about a tree member and where you can do the actions related to this tree member & use different menu with family tree management features.
What can I add in the member mini profile?
  • All basic data related to a particular person displays here.
  • Among general profile info like person`s picture, name, surname, dob, dod, amount of children there is ‘media’ & ‘facts’ blocks.
  • Media is used for adding images related to this person or any image you want to be associated with a particular tree member. Also, all the images where this person was tagged using the Library`s tagging feature are displayed here automatically.
  • Facts reflect persons major lifetime events ordered by event year. Once an event has been created, either by editing user quick/full profile or directly from this panel, it will be automatically reflected under ‘facts’.
How to add a photo or a fact?

Go to the quick edit panel → tree member mini-profile. To add a fact or a photo using this panel just click on a ‘+’ sign and follow your instincts.

How to delete a tree member?

Go to the quick edit panel → tree member mini-profile. This action has three options: ‘incorrect record’ deletes tree member from the family tree and Treemily database; ‘don’t want this person on my family tree’ & ‘other’ will delete only from your family tree, but not from the Treemily database.

How to find a certain family tree member?

Go to the quick edit panel → Family tree index. This menu lists all your family tree members, even those who might be not displayed due to their slight relation to the root person. Type a part of the name or surname and Treemily will sort out matching results immediately. You also may use alphabetic order in order to filter out by a letter. By clicking on a tree member from a list Treemily will automatically switch your view to his card.

How to see the lineage between the root person and any person of a tree?

Go to the quick edit → lineage search. In order to create the lineage, just search for a person you want to build the lineage with.

How to find duplicated tree members and merge them into a single tree member?

Go to the quick edit panel → duplicates search. The search starts automatically once you open the menu and gives you results once they`re found. You`ll be getting more results when scrolling the search results, in case they are available.

After the duplicate pair is found and straight before merging you`ll select which tree member should be set as a primary one.

Once merge is done, Treemily will reorder tree members and place duplicates for the secondary tree member positions in case a need.

Please, double check the tree members you`re merging before the merge. In order to get back to the prior to merging state of your family tree use Changes history menu.