Frequently Asked Questions

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Check out the most frequently asked questions about Treemily. If your question is not covered here, feel free to contact us!

How does the family tree builder work?

Our family tree builder is easy to use. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Select a template. Treemily provides a wide choice of designer-made templates so that you could choose something to your taste. We regularly add new templates to our collection so that you could create modern and fresh versions of the traditional family tree.
  • Complete your family members’ profiles. Add genealogical data to every profile of your family members. By adding information about birth and death, marriage, occupation, and place of residence you make your tree interesting to explore. Remember to upload photos, without them your story will be incomplete.
  • Customize the template. Play with different colors, shapes, and styles. Add textured backgrounds, change colors to match your images, and frame your photos in unique ways.
  • Choose canvas size. We provide a wide choice of frames and canvases. Choose the size of your canvas. We can print any size you want.
  • Save and order. Once your family tree is done, we will print it and ship within 72 hours after your order is placed. Our delivery partners will bring your parcel right to your doorstep.
Can I download my family tree?

Sure. Once you’ve created your family tree and you may select a high-resolution download as one of the options, along with a wide variety of prints and canvases.

How to create a family tree?

The Family Tree page looks empty for the first time, you have to create your own Family Tree. There are two options on how to do this:

  • import a Family Tree from a GEDCOM file;
  • create a new Family Tree from a scratch.
How to create a family tree from scratch?

Click the necessary button in order to proceed this way. First, you have to do while creating the family tree from a scratch, is to define who will be the root (home) person in your tree. Usually, this is you.

By pressing ‘next’ button you`ll be proposed to add your parents and grandparents, though you may skip these steps.

Click ‘to the tree’ button and you`ll be directed to your new Family Tree editor.

How to create a family tree block-scheme?

All family trees have a root person (home person) from whom all the genealogy starts & counts. In the Treemily system root person is always allocated on generation #1.

All the ancestors will appear above the root person, on the 2A, 3A…generations.

All the descendants will appear below the root person, on the 2B, 3B …. nB generations. Click on the ‘+’ sign below a tree member’s card in order to add a relative. Each relative type has a standard set of fields to fill in and some which are dedicated to a particular relationship type.

For example:

  • By adding a partner you`ll be proposed to set a relationship status between two family tree members.
  • By adding a child you`ll be proposed to define another parent, his relation to this child, and so on.

Once a new relative is added, it will be reflected on the screen immediately.

In case you click ‘edit’ you`ll be taken to the tree member profile, where you can add/change different profile info about this person.

As soon as the family tree gets larger, you may need to quickly find the home person out. Use the navigation bar at the top right corner and its ‘house’ icon. Here you also can zoom in/out and scroll your family in four directions.