Guide to Genealogy Research

A Detailed Guide to Genealogy Research

Starting a genealogy blog can be a daunting task, but Treemily is here to hold your hand, which is why we have put together an abundance of tips to get you through your journey. This is a detailed and comprehensive guide for all genealogy bloggers out there who have been waiting to start sharing their findings with the world but didn’t know how to, until now.


There are 450 genealogy associations in the United States alone, so genealogy is clearly an incredibly popular hobby and professional field. Now that most of our lives have shifted over to a computer screen, people began to actively share their opinions, research, and findings with other web users in the form of blogs. This transition has been a blessing for all bloggers who are part of larger communities, as sharing information became as easy as a single click. In this article, we will explain why you should start a genealogy blog, how to start one, the best ideas for genealogy bloggers, and the best blogs worth reading for inspiration.

Start a blog
How to Start a Blog

It’s Time to Start a Genealogy Blog: Why Do You Need It?

If you have been recording your genealogical findings in your notebook or a doc on your laptop, why not start a blog and share your research with other genealogy enthusiasts online? This way, you will be able to meet more people who can even add something to your existing research, and share your findings with others who will benefit from your hard work. We’ve covered 7 reasons describing why you need to start a genealogy blog in our previous blog article.

Sharing your story is usually one of the chief reasons why people start a genealogy blog. Genealogy is a social hobby, so doing it alone will not give you the full experience, hence some choose to start a blog and share their findings with others who may be interested in the same research, or learn from other professionals to achieve their goals quicker. If you find a piece of research that you think is absolutely fantastic and you would like to store it somewhere forever, your blog is the best place for that as not only can you always refer to it later yourself, but it will also be easily accessible to other readers.

Getting closer to your family is why most people get into genealogy. We all want to know more about our past and where we came from, and now that we are so deep into the digital era, finding answers is easier than it has ever been. People have found their extended family, and information about their ancestors by digging through the depth of social media and web archives. And with the help of blogging, you don’t have to be the only one looking for answers to get them anymore – there may be a distant cousin or uncle who stumbles across your blog and finds you after years of searching. You can use a special set of words that other genealogists usually search for to find the information they need. These words help navigate readers and potential family members to your blog and improve your chances of connecting with your distant family.

Socializing is an important aspect of genealogy, and starting a blog will help you get in touch with others who are researching the same things as you, or maybe even your family members. Involving others in your research will make your genealogy journey much more exciting.

Genealogy is all about learning, you can always share what you know, but the most important aspect of starting a blog is to learn something new and continuously improve. You never know if someone will leave a comment on your blog that will completely change your perspective on the research you are conducting.

Everyone wants to feel like they belong in this hectic world, and when people belong to an organization or a group, they feel welcome and safe with the people who share their beliefs and views. Genealogy is a big community that will make you feel welcome, and accepts everyone who wants to be a part of it.

How to Start a Genealogy Blog?

Starting a genealogy blog is exciting and even quite frightening at times, but there is nothing more than a few steps to get it up and running. The first order of business is to choose what type of genealogy content you would like to write about. Keep it precise rather than discussing a broad idea. In fact, it is probably a better idea to pick your genealogy niche, as there may be a professional out there who is doing research on the same topic as you.

Creating a content plan is a must after you have chosen your topics. Many bloggers think that it is easier to improvise, but in reality, it is always better to have a plan so you are not scrambling for ideas or repeating them later down the line. Your platform of choice will also heavily impact the success of your blog, a few of the best platforms and further steps are discussed in detail in Treemily’s blog article on how to start a genealogy blog. 

Ideas for Genealogy Blog
Genealogy Blog

Best Ideas for Genealogy Bloggers

Scanning through thousands of genealogy blog ideas can take up a lot of time, so Treemily scanned through all of them for you, putting together the best ones. We have added the top 10 best blog ideas to the list, so that you can decide which one works best, or get inspired by something on the list and modify it to be a product of your own mind.

Some ideas include information about fascinating ancestors, your favorite stories about the past, how your relatives changed the history of your family, and many others. If the idea that you like is not on the list, it doesn’t mean that it is not good enough, it may be even better! You can mix and match what you read on our blog and your own thoughts to make an incredible article that will be a pleasure to write and read.

Genealogy Blogs Worth Reading

It’s hard to start writing without having anything to go off of, so we’ve put together a collection of our favorite genealogy blogs to give you an idea of what you might want to be envisioning when starting to write. These blogs range from guides to personal stories, with some even uncovering family secrets. All of these genealogy blogs will help you get an idea of how you might want your blog to sound, or inspire you to write something even better. It’s always worth reading past examples before you begin writing yourself to avoid any confusion later on, and, although these Treemily blog examples may be different to what you were thinking to write about, they are only examples, and you are at liberty to create any type of content that resonates with you, maybe with the help of the impressive genealogy blogs that we’ve collected for you.

Genealogy blog
A Guide for Genealogy Bloggers

The Takeaways

You now have all the resources to start a genealogy blog, from the reasons why starting a blog may be the best idea you’ve ever had, easy-to-follow steps on how to start a blog, to neat examples of all the genealogy blogs worth reading. After reading all our blogs and guides, you will be well equipped with more than enough information on how to start the process, and now that we have covered pretty much everything you need to know, the ball is in your court.