DIY Family Tree Template for Kids

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Have you ever had to make a family tree at school? It seems that everyone was given a genealogy project at least once during the school years. For children, tracing ancestry can be confusing since it may be hard for a child to understand the entire lineage. Family trees help to make the process more fun.

Free Family Tree Template

If you need to help your children make a genealogy project at school or maybe you’re just trying to involve your kids into your ancestry research – the first step for any ancestry project is to start a genealogy tree. However, if you want to avoid the hassle of creating it on your own, then you can download a ready free family tree template or use our family tree chart maker. Our chart will help your children quickly organize ancestry information. It is great for class handouts and lets you hand-record your family history. All you need to do is to download the blank template and add data by hand. In addition, you can add color to the chart and make it look more striking.

Tips to make a family tree:

  • begin with what you know – your living relatives;
  • look for records somewhere in the drawers;
  • interview your relatives;
  • review other websites to see what other researchers have already discovered;
  • be patient – it may take a long time to discover your roots;
  • use a single dates and places format to avoid confusion.

Family tree template for kids

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