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Genealogy Blogs

Updated on August 9, 2022

In the very beginning, researching your heritage can be overwhelming and daunting. Fortunately, there are many genealogical blogs providing helpful tips, tools, and insights. We are sharing good genealogy blogs that you can keep an eye on. See our list below!

Genealogy Gems

Genealogy Gems

Lisa Louise Clarke’s blog shares a lot of interesting and insightful tidbits on all things genealogy. You can listen to pre-recorded podcasts, navigate over to a YouTube page filled with even more information. Lisa Louise Clarke’s blog gives you tips on how to use the Wiki family search, solve issues you might encounter during your family history research, like conflicting birthdate evidence for example. An extensive collection of articles will tell you all you need to know about genealogy research, with advice on which websites are good resources, and even things like how to create an immigration story on Google Earth. Definitely worth checking out.



Geni has the stated objective of bringing the world together to build the ultimate family. The blog offers a free service in which you can invite family members to join your family tree and share pictures, documents, and other media. For an additional fee, you can join your family tree to the global, which, at the time of writing, is already over a whopping 100 million strong. Quite impressive. The blog also shares fun facts and interesting profiles of historical figures like Nelson Mandela and Queen Victoria. In the many articles on the site, Geni also offers suggestions on interesting genealogical activities you can do, and much more.

Kitty Cooper’s Blog

Kitty Cooper's Blog

Kitty Cooper’s website has a lot of useful information both for those who are just starting out, and those that want to take a deeper dive into some of the science behind genealogy. Kitty Cooper is a genetic genealogist and retired programmer, so it perhaps no surprise that her blog doesn’t shy away from topics like the science of chromosomes, haplogroups, and more advanced subjects like how to find common ancestors in family trees using automation. You also get links to various tools, some of which she has written herself, for genealogy.

Family History Fanatics 

Family History Fanatics

This blog offers tips and tricks that might come in handy when researching your family history. You’ll find information on how to proceed once you have Ancestry DNA matches, how to remove identifying details and facts before adding people to your family tree, writing tricks to liven up your family history, and other topics. If you’re interested in writing your family history, there are some helpful articles that will help you outline your book, things to include, where to find images, and more. There are plenty of little nuggets of information anyone going about their research will no doubt find useful.

Ancestral Findings

Ancestral Findings

A collection of different resources for both those who are new to genealogy and the seasons experts. Ancestral Findings features a podcast covering topics on everything from the history of Father’s Day, to suggestions of genealogy projects you can take up, and everything in between. There are eBooks you can dive into for more ideas on how you can investigate your history. Newsletters to stay up to date with the latest, and even genealogy cartoons for a bit of a chuckle at some of the common problems almost everyone faces as they hunt down their past..

Genealogy Just Ask

Genealogy Just Ask

Genealogy Just Ask has a very simple website. It may not seem like much at first glance, but as anyone who’s experienced some of the frustration that comes with genealogical research will tell you, you take your information anywhere you find it. Genealogy Just Ask features some very powerful stories narrating how people have found out about their past. In one article, the writer talks about how their third great grandparents and their family, African Americans, were released from slavery upon the death of their enslaver in the 1800s. Following these stories, you get valuable insight into how you too can go about your search.

Genealogy’s Star

Genealogy's Star

Genealogy’s Star is a collection of blog posts and articles featuring informational articles, and YouTube videos that take you along as the hosts work through a genealogy problem with no prior preparation to give the audience an opportunity to witness unscripted research as it progresses. Lots of useful information and interesting research strategies come to light as the team chases clues, interviews people and verifies information. There are other more tutorial-like posts on things like using internet resources in your search, and discussions of various case studies. 

Genealogy Jude

Genealogy Jude

Judith Batchelor created her blog, named The Door to Your Past, to share her love for family history, and use the platform to share stories that might ignite a similar passion in others as well. These are stories that offer a window into the lives of people from the past. Thomas Maton, for example, who was born in 1842 near Hampshire, started as a shepherd and ended up with a career in the police. Genealogy Jude walks us through some of the steps she took to piece together the information for this and other stories. 

Carolina Girls Genealogy 

Carolina Girls Genealogy

Cheri Hudson Passey is a professional genealogist who, among other things, has taken part in the effort to repatriate soldiers who have died in the line of duty. Using her skills, she helps identify the remains of the fallen soldiers, locate next of kin, and return their loved ones home. Her website, Carolina Girl Genealogy, is focused on offering online courses with self-paced video lessons, assignments, and written examples and instructions.

Are You My Cousin?

In her blog, Lisa Lisson shares her experience and publishes articles on how to efficiently research your family roots. If you’re looking for actionable insights on new ways to search for your ancestors, check out her blog.

Amy Johnson Crow

Amy Johnson Crow is a professional genealogist with her own blog on ancestry research. She shares many actionable tips and covers rarely discussed issues (such as finding ancestors with disabilities).

The Family Curator

A professional genealogist and lecturer, Denise May Levenick has created this blog to share her experience and help people to uncover their family secrets. In her blog, she shows the different techniques that you can use for searching information in archives and family collections.

The Family Curator blog has already grown into two books with even more ideas on creating and maintaining family archives.

The Occasional Genealogist

Not all people are professional genealogists. For some people, this is just a hobby, so they can’t afford to spend days and nights at archives looking through records. If you have limited time for genealogy, you may want to check out The Occasional Genealogist blog. In her blog, Jennifer Dondero shares bite-sized ways to do genealogy research even when you’re extremely busy.

best genealogy blogs

Heart of the Family

Elizabeth O’Neal provides a ton of great ideas in her blog. Being a professional genealogist, writer, and lecturer, Elizabeth shares advice on how to find your ancestors in a variety of resources without spending a ton of money. Besides that, there you will find many DIY crafts and ideas for displaying family history in your home.

The Genealogy Reporter

If you’re not only looking for tips on doing genealogy but want to stay up-to-date with the latest news in the genealogy world, subscribe to The Genealogy Reporter. Besides that, they have a YouTube channel in case you prefer visual content.

The Sunburned Penguin

The Sunburned Penguin run by Rebekah Zobel covers various topics on genealogy. Besides articles that are very interesting to read, you can find there a Genealogy Sources Checklist that may be helpful in your research.

Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

This blog covers everything related to genealogy, from genealogy basics to what you can do with outdated hardware. It was started as a weekly email in January 1996 by Dick Eastman – a fount of knowledge for any genealogist!

The Genetic Genealogist

If you or your relatives have taken a DNA test you may want to check out this blog. Blaine Bettinger, the creator of the blog, is a recognized expert in genetic genealogy. If you want to stay up-to-date with genetic genealogy news, add The Genetic Genealogist’s RSS feed to your feed reader.

list of genealogy blogs

The DNA Geek

What if you test with MyHeritage and your relative tests with Ancestry? Is it possible to transfer your DNA among different services? Issues like this are covered in The DNA Geek. So, if you have questions related to genetic genealogy, chances are you will find answers to them in this blog.

DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy

The blog is run by Roberta Estes, a professional scientist, and obsessed genealogist. She writes about various aspects of DNA testing – she even covers historic figures in her blog! Her articles are a great way to begin learning about genetic genealogy.

The Legal Genealogist

A lawyer and a genealogist, Judy G. Russell covers the legal aspects of genealogy, from dealing with documents to claiming copyright to old letters. If there are some legal issues to worry about, check out her blog.


This website has everything you may need: weekly highlights, news updates about genealogy databases, events reviews. The blog is run by Randy Seaver – he teaches computer genealogy classes, so his expertise may help you in your research.

Olive Tree Genealogy

Lorine McGinnis Schulze is the author of several books. She is on a mission to bring free genealogy data online for genealogists. In her blog, you can find many tips on using technology and other tools to find records and track your ancestry along with tutorials, genealogy news, and more.

top genealogy blogs

The Ancestor Hunt

In his blog, Kenneth R Marks covers hundreds of valuable techniques and tools that you can use to overcome stumbling blocks and make progress in your genealogical research. The blog is focused on helping primarily hobbyist genealogy and family history researchers

Family Locket

Diana Elder, Accredited Genealogist, and her daughter Nicole share their ideas for ancestry researching, preserving memories, and involving all ages in genealogical research. They aim to help people with different backgrounds be successful in researching their family heritage.

Sassy Jane Genealogy

The blog features articles and e-book guides on genealogy research in the United States and Europe. There you can find a host of useful posts about doing family history research and organizing records and photos.

Genealogy Stories

The blog will let you travel back in time and explore the lives of your ancestors. Being an experienced Genealogist, Natalie Pithers uses social history to bring their stories to life in her blog.

Legacy Tree Genealogists

The Legacy Tree Genealogists blog is created by a team of professional genealogists, researchers, and genealogy enthusiasts who help people find their family roots and history. The blog covers a great number of topics and shares data gathered from one of the world’s largest family history libraries in Salt Lake City.


No matter whether you’ve just begun your family history research, or have been doing it for years, these blogs can help you discover the stories of the people you’re researching. Use Treemily to record important information and visualize your family tree, and share it with your loved ones. It’s collaborative, so you can make a family project out of it.

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