Memorial Day: The Holiday History and Its Connection to General John A. Logan

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Every year on the last Monday of May the U.S. citizens celebrate one of the most important holidays in their history. Memorial Day is celebrated to remember, honor, and mourn men and women who died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. To pay our tribute to every single person who gave their lives for the country, we’ve decided to tell you more about the history of this holiday and one man in particular who stood at its origins.

What Do We Know About the Holiday History?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has discovered at least 25 different versions and places of the holiday origins. Many researchers claim that it all has started with the end of the Civil War. The American Civil War was one of the greatest shocks for the U.S. nation. In U.S. history, this war is known as one of the biggest conflicts that have taken more lives than any other battle. According to some records, the war officially ended on May 9th, 1865 leaving behind over 1 million people dead. The U.S. government had to establish numerous national cemeteries and, by the end of the 1860s, people across the country had begun decorating graves, thus paying tributes to the fallen soldiers.

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On May 5th, 1866, an American soldier, politician General John Alexander Logan called for the creation of a national public holiday called Decoration Day. Logan issued a proclamation that led to further holiday adoption across the country. 

Even though it’s still unclear where the holiday originated, Waterloo, a village in the state of New York, was declared as the official place of origin of Memorial Day by the U.S. federal government.

Memorial Day Traditions

Each year, numerous cities across the country celebrate Memorial Day and hold holiday parades. During that day, people visit memorials, cemeteries, and hold family gatherings to honor fallen military personnel. 

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To symbolize those who have fallen, some people wear or hold red field poppies. The idea of wearing red poppies was inspired by Moina Michael’s poem “In Flanders Fields”. Moina has even used to sell poppies to raise money and give them to the servicemen in need. 

General John A. Logan Family Tree

John Alexander Logan is known as one of the most important figures in the movement dedicated to recognizing Memorial Day as an official national holiday in the U.S. He was born to Dr. John Logan and his wife Elizabeth Logan (née Jenkins) on February 9th, 1826,  Illinois in the city that is now known as Murphysboro. Before going to Shiloh College, John studied at home with a private tutor and his father. He later served in the Mexican–American War.

John Logan attended the Law Department of the University of Louisville, from which he graduated in  1851. He also attended law practice at his uncle’s office. John’s uncle Alexander M. Jenkins, an American politician who served as Lieutenant Governor of Illinois from 1834 to 1836.

During the American Civil War, John Logan served as a general of the Union Army. After the end of the war, he served as commander-in-chief of the Civil War veterans organization called Grand Army of the Republic (GAR).

John Alexander Logan

John’s wife, Mary Simmerson Cunningham, was born to Captain John M. Cunningham and Miss Elizabeth Fontaine on August 15th, 1838, in the village of Sturgeon, MO. She was a writer and editor of American, Irish, and French descent. John and Mary married on November 27th, 1855. Their daughter Mary Elizabeth Logan was born on June 20th, 1858. She later became a political activist. John’s only son, Manning Alexander Logan, was born on July 24tah, 1865. He later changed his name to John Alexander Logan Jr. while serving as a U.S. Army officer. During the Philippine–American War, he was mortally wounded and at the age of 34 on November 11th, 1899. In 1866, General John A. Logan adopted a girl named Kate, the daughter of his relative, an actor Cornelius Ambrosius Logan who died in 1853. Take a look at John Logan’s family tree made with the Treemily family tree template with pictures

John Alexander Logan family tree

Memorial Day is the day when we honor people who put their lives into defending the U.S. nation. These people will never be forgotten and will always be remembered by their relatives, friends, and a great number of American citizens. 

Prince Philip Royal Family Tree: Past and Future Generations

Prince Philip

April 9th, 2021, Buckingham Palace has announced the death of Prince Philip, the husband of Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom. He passed away peacefully at Windsor Castle at the age of 99. Prince Philip was the longest-serving consort in British history but there are many other things His Royal Highness will be remembered for. Today, the Treemily team wants to pay tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh and tell you more about his family’s past and future generations. 

Prince Philip History and Early Years

Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark was born on June 10th, 1921, in Mon Repos villa on the island of Corfu, Kingdom of Greece at that time. Philip was the youngest child and the only son of Princess Alice of Battenberg and Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark. The prince was born during the Greco-Turkish War and his very first years of childhood were not the calmest ones. His uncle Constantine I, the King of Greece at that time, was forced to abdicate when the war was over in 1922. Constantine I and Philip’s father were arrested, while Princess Alice and her entire family had to live under constant surveillance. 

In December 1922, Prince Andrew was banished from Greece for life by a revolutionary court, thus forcing his family to evacuate to France. It is known that Prince Philip was carried in a fruit box all the way from Greece to France to be kept safe. 

Philip began his education at The Elms school in Paris and was sent to his maternal grandmother, Victoria Mountbatten, to attend Cheam School in the UK at the age of 9. By the year 1933, Philip’s all of Philip’s sisters married German princes and moved to Germany while his mother was placed in an asylum due to schizophrenia. The same year he was sent to Germany to attend a boarding school but left for Scotland after two terms.

In 1939, Philip attended the Royal Naval College in the port of Dartmouth where he later met his wife, the future Queen of the United Kingdom. He served as a member of the British forces during the Second World War. It is a well-known fact that Philip’s sister Cecille and her husband were members of the Nazi Party before the war and that his two other brothers-in-law were German SS officers. At the age of 21, Prince Philip became the youngest first lieutenant of HMS Wallace, one of the Revenge-class super-dreadnought battleships. 



Philip’s father, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark was born on February 2nd, 1882, in Athens and was the seventh child in the family. In 1902, he met his future wife Prince Alice while staying in London and the two got married only a year after. Princess Alice of Battenberg was born on February 25th, 1885, in Berkshire, UK. Besides Philip, the couple had four daughters Princess Margarita(1905-1981), Princess Theodora(1906–1969), Princess Cecilie (1911-1937), and Princess Sophie (1914-2001). Since 1939, Prince Andrew was estranged from his wife and saw neither of his kids. He died of heart failure at the age of 62 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Since 1967, Princess Alice lived at Buckingham Palace in London where she died two years later. 


Paternal Line

Philip’s grandfather George I of Greece was born on December 24th, 1845 in Copenhagen, the Kingdom of Denmark. He was the King of Greece for 40 years from 1863 to 1913. Philip’s grandmother Olga Constantinovna of Russia was born on September 3rd, 1851 in Pavlovsk, Russian Empire and was a member of the Romanov dynasty. The two first met when Olga was only 12 years old and got married four years later. Together they had eight children: five sons and three daughters. On March 18th, 1913, George I of Greece was assassinated and Olga Constantinovna decided to return to Russia. After the Russian Revolution, Olga had to escape to Switzerland. She spent her final years with her youngest son, Prince Christopher, and died at the age of 74. 

Maternal Line

Prince Philip is related to Queen Victoria through his maternal line. His grandmother, Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine was born to  Princess Alice, the daughter of Queen Victoria, and Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine on April 5th, 1863, at Windsor Castle in Berkshire.  Philip’s grandfather, Prince Louis of Battenberg was born on May 24th, 1854in Graz, Austria. Prince Louis and Princess Victoria got married in 1882. Including Princess Alice, the couple had four children. Prince Louis died of heart failure in 1921. 29 years later, his wife Princess Victoria died at the age of 87 in London. 


Philip’s future wife Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was born on April 21st, 1926, to George VI, the future King of the United Kingdom, and his wife Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, later known as Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. Philip and Elizabeth’s engagement was announced on July 9th, 1947, and the couple got married the same year on November 20th. 

Together they had four children: Prince Charles (born 1948), Princess Anne (born 1950), Prince Andrew (born 1960), and Prince Edward (born 1964). Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1953.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have eight grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. Prince Willam and Prince Harry, the sons of Prince Charles and his former wife Princess Diana, are probably the most famous living members of the British Royal Family. 

Prince Philip Descendant Tree

Find Out Whether You Are Related to the British Royal Family

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Martin Luther King Jr.: Biography, Family Tree, and Ancestry


Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Day every third Monday of January, this year we will honor the life of the leader of the civil rights movement on January 18. We decided to make quick genealogical research to tell you more about one of the greatest activists in the history of the US. 

Early Life

Michael King Jr. was born in Atlanta, GA on January 15, 1929, to a reverend and a teacher and was the second child in a family. Later, Michael changed his name to Martin Luther. Martin was raised in a religious environment and was reading the Bible and told stories by his grandmother. 

In 1935, Martin started attending Younge Street Elementary School, a school for black children only, and changed his school for the Atlanta University Laboratory School 5 years later. At the time, the problem of racism in the US was not that widely raised and discussed as it is now. It is also known that Martin became friends with a white boy but the boy’s parents forbidden their son to play with Martin due to his skin color. King’s father was always against segregation and any type of discrimination and Martin has learned a lot from him. 

By the age of 13, King got a job in the Atlanta Journal newspaper delivery station and became an assistant manager. At the time, he studied at the only high school for African American students in Atlanta that was created by the city government only due to the activism of King’s father and other local leaders of the African American community. This is when Martin began improving his orator and public speaking skills. In 1948, he graduated from Morehouse College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology. He also later attended Boston University and Harvard University 

Martin’s activism began from his membership in the Birmingham African-American community when he was selected as one of the representatives for the committee on the “Montgomery bus boycott” case. As a result, King became one of the best-known spokespersons of the civil rights movement. By that time, he also became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. 

In 1957, King became the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and for the next 11 years has been attending thousands of demonstrations and giving over two hundred speeches across the US. He also published five books and numerous articles related to civil rights and the problem of racism. According to the records, King was arrested at least 25 times and assaulted 4 times for his actions. In 1963, Time magazine named King the Man of the Year and on October 14, 1964, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for combating racial inequality. Four years later, on April 4, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by James Earl Ray who was then sentenced to 99 years in prison. 

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (MLK Day)

Also officially known as the Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., MLK Day is celebrated every third Monday of January. The idea of accepting MLK Day as a holiday was introduced by labor unions in 1979 when the first bull related to this question was introduced to Congress. However, at the time the bill didn’t pass. The holiday was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan and became an official federal holiday only in 1983. However, not all of the states have accepted this holiday in the beginning. All 50 states observed MLK Day 17 years later, in 2000. 


Martin’s father, Michael King (later known as Martin Luther King Sr.) was born in Stockbridge, GA on December 19, 1899. He was a Baptist pastor and met his future wife Alberta while attending the Ebenezer Baptist Church. King’s mother, Alberta Christine Williams King was born in Atlanta, GA on September 13, 1904. She worked as a teacher before getting married in 1926. Together the couple had three children including Martin’s older sister Willie Christine King Farris and a younger brother Alfred Daniel “A.D.” King. Alberta helped her husband with the affairs in the Ebenezer Baptist Church when he became the leader of the church. In 1974, Alberta was shot and killed by the extremist Marcus Wayne Chenault during Sunday service. You may have a look at the Martin Luther King Jr. family tree that was created with the Treemily family tree generator.

Martin Luther King Jr Ancestors


Paternal Line

King’s grandfather, James Albert King was born in Ohio in December 1864 and was of African and Irish descent. He married King’s grandmother Delia Linsey (born in Henry County, GA in July 1875) in 1895. They both were sharecroppers and later moved together to Stockbridge, GA where their son Michael and their other eight kids were born. James and Delia died in 1933 and 1924, respectively. 

Maternal Line

King’s grandfather, Reverend Adam Daniel Williams was born in Penfield, GA on January 2, 1863. He was a preacher at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta where his future son-in-law replaced him after Adam’s death in 1931. King’s grandmother, Jennie Celeste Williams (née Parks) was born in Atlanta, GA in April 1873. The couple got married in 1899. Adam and Jennie both died in Atlanta in 1931 and 1941, respectively. 

Martin Luther King Jr Chart

Marriage and Kids

Martin met his future wife Coretta Scott while attending Boston University. Coretta was born in Marion, Alabama on April 27, 1927, to Obadiah and Bernice McMurry Scott. Martin and Coretta got married in Coretta’s parents’ house on June 18, 1953. Together they had 4 children: Yolanda King, Martin Luther King III, Dexter Scott King, and Bernice King. King’s only granddaughter, Yolanda Renee King was born to Martin Luther King III and his wife Arndrea Waters on May 25, 2008. 

Martin Luther King Jr Descendants

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, Martin Luther King Jr. will always be remembered as one of the greatest leaders of the Civil Right Movement who put his life for making African-Americans lives better. His tactics of nonviolent protests proved that every community’s goals and success can be reached without the use of weapons or through pain and deaths. The Treemily team hopes that no violence will be used against any people and the entire world can live in peace.  

McCallister Family Tree: How Not To Leave Your Relatives Behind While in a Christmas Rush

Christmas- tree

Watching the Home Alone movie became one of the most popular family traditions for Christmas in the 1990s when the first movie of the series was released. The music, sets and the overall festive picture made this movie a Christmas classic and you’re likely to meet a person who’s never heard of it. 


McCallister family picture


In case you haven’t seen the movie or don’t remember what it’s all about, let us briefly remind you about the plot. The McCallister family members are the main characters of the film. Peter and Kate McCallister together with their five kids Buzz, Jeff, Megan, Linnie, and Kevin are planning their Christmas trip to Paris. They were going to have a trip together with the family of Peter’s brother Frank. Together they were planning to visit their other brother Rob who lives in Paris with his own family. However, on the day of departure, the entire family overslept and, while in the rush to get to the airport in time, accidentally left their youngest son Kevin behind. Kevin stays home alone all by himself. 

If you look at the McCallister family tree you’ll see how big their family is. Peter’s brother Frank has five kids together with his wife Leslie. Rob and Georgette McCallister have a daughter named Heather, a son named Steffan, and two twin daughters. So the main character of the movie, Kevin, has four siblings and nine cousins. 


McCallister family tree


Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year and no surprise everyone stays in a holiday rush the entire season. Especially when your family is as big as McCallister’s one, it happens sometimes that you might forget (not on purpose) to wish your aunt or cousins a Happy Christmas. To make sure you don’t leave any of your relatives behind, making a family tree including all of your relatives will be a great idea. Besides, you can also give this tree as a gift to your family members to make this holiday even more memorable. 

Use the Treemily family tree maker to create stunning visualizations and send them to all of your relatives as a nice Christmas gift. It will remind them how important a family is and that such a holiday is a wonderful time for the entire family to get together and celebrate.

Family Trees of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris


As the US election approaches, we wanted to learn more about the family trees of the Democratic Ticket. Last time, we compared the family lines of Donal Trump and Barack Obama to find out who’s more American. Today, we’ve decided to trace back the origin of the candidates for the President and VP of 2020, Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Kamala Harris, respectively, to find out more about their family backgrounds. 

Candidate for President of the US Joe Biden’s family Tree

Joe Biden’s family has English, French, and Irish ancestry. So the new candidate for the US President might not have as much of American descent as you’ve expected. 

Joe Biden


Biden’s father, Joseph Robinette Biden Sr., was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1915. His parents originated from Success, England. As a child, he later moved to Wilmington, Delaware where he was raised. Joseph Biden graduated from the St. Thomas Academy in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and worked as a used car salesman. He passed away due to failing health in 2002. 

Joe’s mother, Catherine Eugenia “Jean” Biden (née Finnegan), was of Irish descent and was born in Pennsylvania in 1917. She married Joseph Biden Sr. in 1941 and their son Joe was born November 20, 1942. The family had three more kids named Valerie, James, and Frank. They resided in Baltimore, MD but later had to move to Claymont, Delaware due to financial problems. Jean played a very important role in Joe’s political future and has been quoted in his son’s political speeches. Jean Biden died 8 years after her husband’s death in 2010. At that time US President Barack Obama attended her funeral in Wilmington. 


Paternal Line

Biden’s grandparents on his father’s side were of English, Irish and French descent. Joe’s grandmother, Mary Elizabeth (née Robinette) Biden, was born in 1894 and had French ancestry. His grandfather, Joseph Harry Biden, was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1893 and was a successful oil businessman. His third great-grandfather, William Biden, was the first of the family to immigrate from England to the US. 

Maternal Line

On the mother’s side, Joe’s grandparents had Irish ancestry. Biden’s grandfather Ambrose J. Finnegan was born in Olyphant, PA 1884. His family’s roots trace back to County Louth in Ireland. Ambrose’s mother died when he was only 2 years old and his father passed away 8 years later, so he moved with his uncle’s family. In 1909 Ambrose married Geraldine C.Blewitt. 

Joe’s grandmother, Geraldine C. Blewitt, was born to Edward Francis Blewitt and his wife Mary Ellen Stanton in Scranton, Lackawanna Co., PA in 1887. Edward was born in New Orleans and served for the Pennsylvania State Senate. Biden’s great-great-great-grandfather, also named Edward, was the first of the family who immigrated to the US from County Mayo, Ireland in 1851.

Marriages and Kids

Joe Biden has been married twice. He met his first wife, Neila Hunter, during his spring break in Nassau, Bahamas. Joe was studying at the  Syracuse University College of Law when the two got married in  Skaneateles, New York in 1966. Shortly after the wedding, the family moved to Wilmington, Delaware where Joe’s parents resided at the time. From 1969 to 1971, Neila gave birth to Joe’s three children Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III, Robert Hunter, and Naomi Christina. In 1972, Neila along with her three kids got into a car accident. Only Joe’s sons Beau and Robert survived the crash. Beau has followed in his father’s footsteps and currently serves as Attorney General of Delaware, while Hunter Biden became a lawyer.  

Joe met his second wife Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden (née Jacobs) on a blind date set up by Biden’s brother Frank in 1975. The two got married in New York City two years later. This was also the second marriage for Jill, as she was previously married to a former college football player Bill Stevensons from 1970 to 1974. In 1981, Jill gave birth to her and Joe’s daughter Ashley Blazer Biden who currently serves as a social worker and activist.

Candidate for Vice President of the US Kamala Harris’s Family Tree

The family of the candidate for the US Vice-President of 2020, Kamala Davi Harris, has Indian and Jamaican ancestry. Let’s have a look at Kamala’s ancestors to see how much of American descent she is.

Kamala Harris


Kamala’s father, Donald Jasper Harris, was born in St.Ann Parish, Jamaica in 1938 to Oscar Joseph Harris and Beryl Christie. Donald graduated from the University of London in 1960 and three years later moved to the US to get a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. Since then, he has been building his career as an economist and a professor in a great number of universities including the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Stanford University, etc. Donald is also a member of the American Economic Association and an author of several books related to the Jamaican economy published in 1997 and 2012. 

Harris’s mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was of Indian origin and was born to P. V. Gopalan and Rajam Ramanathan in Madras, British India in 1938. Her family moved several times across different cities in India due to her father’s job as a civil servant. At the age of 19, Shamala was accepted to the University of California, Berkeley. In 1964, she graduated from the Ph.D. program in nutrition and endocrinology. 

Shyamala met Donald J. Harris during the meeting at the Afro American Association where Donald was a speaker in 1962. The two got married a year later and had two daughters, Kamala and Maya, born in 1964 and 1967, respectively. Kamala’s sister, Maya Lakshmi Harris, graduated from Stanford Law School and currently serves as a public policy lawyer and a political analyst for MSNBC. The family resided in Oakland, California but later moved to  Berkeley, California. Kamala’s parents got divorced in 1971. In 2009, Shyamala Gopalan passed away from colon cancer. 


Paternal Line

Kamala’s grandparents on her father’s side are of Jamaican descent. Her grandfather, Oscar Joseph Harris, was born to an agricultural exporter Joseph Alexander Harris and a seamstress Christiana Brown in 1914. Harris’s grandmother, Beryl Christie Harris (née Finegan), has Jamaican ancestry; her exact date of birth is unknown. 

Maternal Line

P.V. Gopalan, Kamala’s grandfather on her mother’s side, was born in Painganadu, India in 1911. He had a successful career as a civil servant and served as a Joint Secretary to the Government of India for several years, as well as the Director of Relief Measures and Refugees in the Government of Zambia. 

Kamala’s great-grandparents have arranged a marriage for her grandmother, Rajam Gopalan (née Ramanathan), and P.V. Gopalan. Together they had four children named Shyamala, Balachandran, Sarala, and Mahalakshmi.  

Marriages and Kids

Kamala Harris married Douglas Emhoff in 2014 in Santa Barbara, CA. The two don’t have children together. This is the second marriage for Douglas. Before, he was married to Kerstin Emhoff with whom he had two kids named Cole and Ella. 

Final Thoughts 

Biden’s parents, grandparents, and ancestors of several generations back were born in the US, while Harris’s parents were both immigrants from Jamaica and India. Both families have their own stories and unmatched backgrounds which affected who Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have become. We believe that their families have passed on all the experience they had to make them worthy candidates for the 2020 US presidential election. As long as the future President and VP care about their country and the people, their origin doesn’t play much of a role. 

Trump vs. Obama: Who Is More American?

Trump and Obama family tree

Trump’s extreme policies at the border and deportations have garnered the most attention and outrage. It sounds like the current mood in the American Administration is the further you can trace your roots back to the Mayflower, the more American you are. So we decided to run quick genealogical research comparing the last two US presidents: President Donald Trump, and his predecessor, Barack Obama. Let’s take a look at their family trees, and find out who’s more “American”.

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The Survivals Guide to the Game of Thrones Houses

Game of Thrones Family Tree

Winter has come.

With all the marriages, complicated relationships, and secret children, the tangled web of houses and families in the popular Game of Thrones series can be confusing even for the biggest fans. Let’s take a look at the family trees of the surviving Game of Thrones houses made with the help of our online family tree maker and finally discover who on earth are Jon Snow’s real parents?

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The Kennedys You Need to Know

Kennedy family history

This prominent American family has Irish roots and gave birth to many influential American politicians, public servants, and businesspeople. The first representative of the Kennedy family elected to a public post was Patrick Joseph “P. J.” Kennedy, 35 years after the family moved to America.

The Kennedy family history definitely deserves particular attention, so let’s take a closer look at their origin and family tree.

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Weasley Family Tree

Weasley family tree



This famous wizarding family from a series of fantasy novels by J. K. Rowling is known for their red hair, money misfortunes, and goodwill towards half-blood wizards and Muggles. The family made the Sacred Twenty-Eight, a list that comprised families that did not intermarry with muggles. However, they bewailed their inclusion in this list since, as they said they had connections with Muggles and were proud of it. Because of that fact, the Weasley family gained the disapproval of the pure-blood doctrine advocates and were dubbed blood traitors.

The family is not exceptionally well-off financially, and we know from the books that on numerous occasions their deposit at wizards’ bank Gringotts consisted of only a single galleon and a bunch of sickles.

All generations in the Weasley family had large numbers of children, which was met with disapproval by many elitist pureblood families. Besides that, for several generations children from the Weasley family have been male. This trend terminated only in 1981 with the birth of Ginny Weasley, and the latest generation included more girls than boys.
Let’s take a closer look at this wonderful family and learn a bit more about its members.

How Many Weasleys Are There

Arthur and Molly Weasley

Arthur Weasley was born into a family of pure-blood wizards. His parents were Septimus and Cedrela Weasley (formerly Black). Since the Weasleys were considered a family of blood traitors, Cedrella’s marriage to Arthur caused her to be burnt out from the Black family. From 1970 to 1996 Arthur headed the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts office which let him explore the non-magical world. As of 1996 was the head of the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects. He was especially passionate about collecting electric plugs and batteries. Arthur also was a secret member of the Order of Phoenix.

Molly Weasley (formerly Prewett) eloped with Arthur and settled in Burrow, an old, dilapidated house outside of Ottery St Catchpole. Though known as a loving mother and wife, she was never one to be fooled with, as she proved once and for all in a fierce duel with Bellatrix Lestrange.

Arthur and Molly had seven children – William, Charles, Percy, Fred, George, Ronald, and Ginevra.

Ron Weasley Family Tree

Weasley Family Tree – Next Generation

William Weasley

William “Bill” Weasley is the oldest child. He was a high achiever at Hogwarts and thus set the bar high for other children in the family. After graduation from Hogwarts, he became a Curse-Breaker for Gringotts in Egypt. In 1995, he came back to England and joined the Order of the Phoenix. During this time, he was dating Fleur Delacour and married her in August 1997. During the Battle of the Lightning-Struck Tower, Bill got his face scarred by the werewolf Fenrir Greyback. However he didn’t turn into a werewolf, just got a craving for rare steaks.

Fleur Delacour was a student of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and represented it in the 1994 Triwizard Tournament. Just like her husband, she was a member of the Order of the Phoenix. She took part in the Battle of Hogwarts and was awarded bravery medals by both the British and French Ministries of Magic. Bill and Fleur had three children, Victoire, Dominique, and Louis.

Charles Weasley

Charles Weasley was an exceptional Seeker and was chosen the Gryffindor Quidditch team captain. Charles worked as a dragonologist in Romania. He is fascinated by magical creatures and rather preferred studying dragons to having romantic relationships, so he never got married and didn’t have children.

Percy Weasley

Percy Weasley can be called the most ambitious of all Weasley children since he dreamt of becoming the Minister of Magic. He graduated from Hogwarts with excellent grades and started his career at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Percy’s ambitions caused a split between him and his family but he got back on to his family’s side during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Very little is known about Percy’s wife Audrey. It is not known whether she worked at the Ministry or not. However, we may rest assured that she knew all their regulations and rules in detail due to her husband’s meticulousness. Percy and Audrey have two daughters: Molly and Lucy.

Ron Weasley Family Tree

Fred & George Weasley

Fred and George Weasley are twin brothers and both are known as Troublemakers-in-Chief since they liked pranks and inventing trick sweets. Shortly before graduation they decided to leave school and created the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes (aka Weasley & Weasley) joke shop. Both brothers were Beaters for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Tragically, Fred was killed at the Battle of Hogwarts, which left his family devastated.

Just like his twin brother, George is a member of the Order of the Phoenix and took part in the Battle of the Seven Potters and the Battle of Hogwarts. While being on a mission for the Order of Phoenix, George lost his ear in a battle, only to joke that he felt saint-like (or “holey”). After the end of the Second Wizarding War, George married Angelina Johnson.
Angelina Johnson played Quidditch as a Chaser for the Gryffindor team and during her last year at Hogwarts, she was made the team’s captain. She was a member of the resistance group called “Dumbledore’s Army”. Angelina and George had two children, a son named Fred, in honor of his twin brother Fred, and a daughter named Roxanne.

Ron Weasley

Ronald Weasley is the youngest son of Arthur and Molly. Ron was sorted into the Gryffindor House and often felt outshined by his elder successful brothers. Fortunately, his fears proved to be groundless. He was a very skilled Wizard’s Chess player and succeeded as a Quidditch Keeper. He was also appointed a Gryffindor prefect. Together with friends Harry and Hermione he fought in countless battles of the Second Wizarding War and overcame many challenges. Ron eventually married Hermione and had two children, Rose and Hugo Granger-Weasley.

Hermione Granger was born in a Muggle family. She was gifted in almost all subjects and was one of the finest minds to ever attend Hogwarts. She played a crucial role in many battles of the Second Wizarding War. After the war, she married Ron Weasley and eventually became the Minister of Magic.

Ginny Weasley

Ginevra Weasley was the first girl to be born in the Weasley lineage for several generations. She had impressive skills at playing Quidditch and was appointed a Chaser and a Seeker at different times. She also played an important role in Dumbledore’s Army and fought in many battles during the Second Wizarding War. After the war, she started her career at the Holyhead Harpies, but after marriage to Harry Potter and having children, James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna, she was offered the position of a sports editor for the Daily Prophet.

Harry Potter, the legendary “Boy Who Lived” first met the Weasley family at the King’s Cross station and quickly made friends with Ron. He was always treated like a fully-fledged member of the Weasley family. After he married Ginny this status was made official. In 2007 Harry was promoted to the Head of the Auror Office and would occasionally give Defence Against the Dark Arts lectures at Hogwarts.

Weasleys have a truly exciting family tree, don’t they? What if your family is no less interesting? Let’s check that! Make your own family tree. Use our family tree builder free of charge and share your personal story with friends and relatives!