What is Juneteenth: Understanding the History and Significance

In the summer of 2021, the US Congress proclaimed Juneteenth as a federal holiday following a rapid rise in racial tensions in the country. But what is Juneteenth, when is Juneteenth celebrated and what does it have
data icon June 13, 2023

St.Patrick’s Day: A Chance to Explore...

In this article, we’re looking into the history of the beloved St. Patrick’s Day as well as many ways of exploring your Irish roots. Erin go Bragh! St. Patrick’s Day As An Inspiration To Explore Your Irish Roo
data icon March 15, 2023

Abraham Lincoln: Biography, Achievements an...

Abraham Lincoln – “Honest Abe” And “Great Emancipator”   The magnitude of Abraham Lincoln’s personality and impact on USA history is hard to overestimate. His blunt and to-the-point statements and
data icon February 10, 2023

American Indian Heritage Day: how to resear...

American Indian Heritage Day: The Story Of The Holiday   American Indian Heritage Day is fast approaching – this great holiday will be celebrated all across the country on November 25th. Next year the dat
data icon November 25, 2022

Did Your Ancestor Sign the Declaration of I...

  The United States’ Declaration of Independence is central to the identity of the US. It is the birth certificate if you will, of the great nation. As the country has grown and developed since then, so has i
data icon July 15, 2022

Memorial Day: The Holiday History and Its C...

Every year on the last Monday of May the U.S. citizens celebrate one of the most important holidays in their history. Memorial Day is celebrated to remember, honor, and mourn men and women who died while serving in
data icon May 28, 2021

Prince Philip’s Family Tree: Ancestor...

On April 9th, 2021, Buckingham Palace announced the death of Prince Philip, the husband of Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom at the time. He passed away peacefully at Windsor Castle at the age of 99. Prince
data icon September 15, 2023

Did Your Ancestors Participate in the Women...

In August 2020, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of women getting their right to vote in the US. Today, we would like to tell you more about this exceptional women’s rights movement and let you meet the women w
data icon January 28, 2021