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The Madrigal Family Tree Guide: Who are its members and what are their gifts?

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Treemily The Madrigal Family Tree

2021 saw the release of a gem that reminded all of us of all the things we love about Disney animations. Encanto, telling the tale of the Madrigal family, packs everything you expect to find in a Disney animated hit. This heartfelt, sensitive, and well-told family tale will have you sniffling with a lump in your throat in one scene, doubled over in laughter in another, and in the end find yourself seriously pondering deep, existential questions of life – mental health, family, acceptance, finding oneself, and a whole lot more. If you haven’t already done so, we very seriously recommend that you see this enthralling story.


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In this article we look at the centerpiece of the plot, the Madrigal family tree. We look at how the family members are related, what gifts they have, and other bits of information that add spice to the story. That there is also your spoiler warning.

Abuela Alma and Abuelo Pedro Madrigal

Family Tree Builder Abuela Alma and Abuelo Pedro Madrigal

The matriarch and patriarch of the Madrigal family. Abuela and Abuelo are actually Spanish words for grandmother and grandfather. So although most viewers from non-Spanish speaking countries will know the matriarch of the family simply as Abuela, her first name is actually Alma.

Their relationship is at the root of the story. Pedro and Alma Madrigal have triplets but unfortunately Pedro dies protecting the family from a gang of bandits not long after the children are born. His sacrifice leads to the creation of an enchanted area with the magical Madrigal family house at the center of it. 

Each of the children are blessed with magic powers, which they discover at a ceremony when they come of age.

Julieta and Agustin Madrigal

Family Tree Builder Julieta and Agustin Madrigal

Julieta is Alma’s first born daughter. Her magical power is the ability to heal people using the food she cooks. It’s a gift that often comes in handy because her husband Agustín is something of a clumsy fellow, and is very accident-prone. Agustín himself does not have powers of his own.

The two have three children, Isabella, Louisa, and Mirabel – the main character of the Madrigal family story.

Isabella, Luisa and Mirabel Madrigal

Family Tree Creator Isabella, Luisa and Mirabel Madrigal

Isabella is the oldest of Julieta and Agustin’s three children. Her gift is the ability to create plant life, literally instantaneously. Isabella is the proverbial Madrigal family poster child – using her gifts to charm everyone, decorating parties and creating beauty wherever she goes. Unbeknownst to everyone else however, Isabella is struggling under the pressure of always having to be perfect.

Next is Luisa Madrigal. She is blessed with superhuman strength. Inevitably she is asked to do all the heavy lifting for the family, quite literally. This puts her under immense mental pressure, something she has to reckon with by the end of the story.

Mirabel Madrigal is the last born child. However, unlike her Madrigal family sisters, and indeed everybody else in the family with a direct bloodline to Abuela, Mirabel does not have an apparent magical gift. It is clear however throughout the story that Mirabel’s does a lot to tie the family together. Much akin to what her grandmother does.

Pepa and Felix Madrigal

Family Tree Builder Pepa and Felix Madrigal

Pepa is Abuela Madrigal’s second child. Her special ability is the power she has over the weather. it isn’t so much power however, as it is influence. Pepa’s moods directly influence the weather around her. Rub her the wrong way, and a storm breaks loose immediately.

Thankfully, her husband Felix’s character acts as a counterbalance for the often destructive power his wife possesses. He is a bubbly character, brimming with optimism, and always happy to calm his wife down.

Pepa and Felix Madrigal also have three children – Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio.

Dolores, Camilo and Antonio Madrigal

Family Tree Creator Dolores, Camilo and Antonio Madrigal

First of the three is Dolores Madrigal. She has the unique ability to hear even the tiniest sounds. Her hearing is so enhanced, she is able to eavesdrop on conversations taking place in town while she is sitting at the dinner table with her family. This may seem like an understated ability but it comes into play quite often in the plot as, thanks to her gift, she is privy to several secret conversations.

The mischievous Camilo Madrigal is the second born child and first born son of Pepa and Felix Madrigal. Camilo can shape-shift so well that he can take on the appearance of anyone. The little prankster is all too happy to use his gift to get away with an unending list of mischievous tricks. At one point, he takes on Dolores’s appearance just so he can help himself to a second breakfast.

Antonio Madrigal is the baby of the family. When the story starts, he hasn’t even discovered his gift yet. In fact, the ceremony where he uncovers his gift is a central part of the story. It turns out that his special ability is the power to communicate with animals.

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Bruno Madrigal

Family Tree Builder Bruno Madrigal

The mysterious Bruno, last of Abuela Madrigal’s children, and the black sheep of the family. His road to redemption is crucial to the story’s plot. Bruno’s gift is a highly unusual and very unnerving one, giving rise to what is probably the most memorable line in the entire movie: “We don’t talk about Bruno.”

Bruno Madrigal seemingly has the ability to foretell terrible events. It is no wonder then that every manifestation of his gift has brought consternation not only to Abuela, but to the other members of the family too, leading Bruno to exile himself.

It is only Mirabel’s curiosity, rebellion and intervention that eventually coaxes Bruno Madrigal back into the fold. Their actions together help everyone see the true gift of Bruno’s power and how it contributes to the health and protection of the family.


Encanto is a movie that can be enjoyed by all the members of the family, young and old alike. There are lessons to be learned there for everyone. So if you’re looking for an entertaining story you can relate to, one that will give you quality time with other members of your family, while reminding you of valuable lessons about what’s important in life, this is a definite must-watch.

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