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McCallister Family Tree: How Not To Leave Your Relatives Behind While in a Christmas Rush

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Watching the Home Alone movie became one of the most popular family traditions for Christmas in the 1990s when the first movie of the series was released. The music, sets and the overall festive picture made this movie a Christmas classic and you’re likely to meet a person who’s never heard of it. 


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In case you haven’t seen the movie or don’t remember what it’s all about, let us briefly remind you about the plot. The McCallister family members are the main characters of the film. Peter and Kate McCallister together with their five kids Buzz, Jeff, Megan, Linnie, and Kevin are planning their Christmas trip to Paris. They were going to have a trip together with the family of Peter’s brother Frank. Together they were planning to visit their other brother Rob who lives in Paris with his own family. However, on the day of departure, the entire family overslept and, while in the rush to get to the airport in time, accidentally left their youngest son Kevin behind. Kevin stays home alone all by himself. 

If you look at the McCallister family tree you’ll see how big their family is. Peter’s brother Frank has five kids together with his wife Leslie. Rob and Georgette McCallister have a daughter named Heather, a son named Steffan, and two twin daughters. So the main character of the movie, Kevin, has four siblings and nine cousins. 


McCallister family tree


Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year and no surprise everyone stays in a holiday rush the entire season. Especially when your family is as big as McCallister’s one, it happens sometimes that you might forget (not on purpose) to wish your aunt or cousins a Happy Christmas. To make sure you don’t leave any of your relatives behind, making a family tree including all of your relatives will be a great idea. Besides, you can also give this tree as a gift to your family members to make this holiday even more memorable. 

Use the Treemily family tree maker to create stunning visualizations and send them to all of your relatives as a nice Christmas gift. It will remind them how important a family is and that such a holiday is a wonderful time for the entire family to get together and celebrate.

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