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Bridgerton Family Chart: Meet the Famous Family

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Bridgerton Family Chart

In recent years, television has entertained us with many stories around family and bloodlines. Whether it’s the Gucci family tree, the Potters, or one of the famous crime families, they’ve had fans enthralled, watching their family sagas play out on the screen. If you understand the familial relationships behind the plots, the stories are even better. The Peaky Blinders is a much better watch if you know the Tommy Shelby family tree.

The Bridgertons are no different. If you haven’t seen the show yet, it’s a Netflix series based on  novels by Julia Quinn, an American author. Without giving too much away, we’ll say it follows the scandals of regency era London’s aristocrats and their family tree.

The Bridgerton family series has kept many adoring fans glued to the screen for hours on end. So, in this article, we help you get up to speed with the Bridgerton family chart so you too can get the most out of the show.

Bridgerton Family Chart

The Bridgertons: Family History

You may be wondering if the show is biographical. It is not. Chris Van Dusen, executive producer of the show, admits as much and says the story joins history and fantasy “in an exciting way.” Van Dusen tried to imagine what might have been, had English society been diverse and racially integrated.

So some of the characters are real, but many details have been reimagined. For instance, Queen Charlotte, a real queen – the wife of King George III, is depicted as having African ancestry and is played by Golda Rosheuvel, a Guyanese-British actress. A historical debate about her roots was, in fact, what inspired Van Dusen to create the show.

The Bridgertons are a family that lives in this 19th century society. Roughly speaking, the mothers’ duty in this age is to get their daughters married off to an adequate suitor, and their sons to a fitting bride – to bring glory to their family tree. 

Here’s your mandatory spoiler alert.

So let’s start with the parents.

Meet The Parents: Edmund And Violet Bridgerton

Edmund Bridgerton, at the age of 20, marries Violet Ledger, two years his junior. They have a prolific marriage which produces eight children. They are very helpfully named in alphabetical order. Perhaps the couple felt it would be easier to keep track that way.

Only a bee sting, believe it or not, puts paid to Edmunds industrious endeavors. Edmund succumbs to an allergic reaction to the bee sting while his wife is pregnant with their last daughter.With the Bridgertons family tree being prolific already, Violet chooses not to remarry. Instead, she decides to focus her efforts on finding matches for her children.

Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony is eighteen at the time of his father’s untimely death. He becomes the head of the family. He falls in love with a young singer. It’s a relationship doomed from the start because of the differences in social class. He later finds an appropriate match for him to widen the Bridgerton family tree, at least socially, but even that marriage is mired in controversy because his bride’s half-sister is vehemently opposed to it. 

Benedict Bridgerton

Benedict is the second son. Benedict Bridgerton is a respected artist. His love interest, a woman he meets at a masquerade ball, is lost to him for two years before he unknowingly runs into her again and talks her into working in his mother’s employ.

Colin Bridgerton

Colin is a bit of a maverick. He falls in love and gets engaged. Only for his family to intervene, saying, at 22, he is not yet of age. (Ahem… Edmund?) 

Anyway, he later learns she was already pregnant and was only stringing him along in the hopes he would care for the child. Scandal ensues obviously. He’s devastated. Setting him up nicely for a certain damsel called Penelope who’s been waiting on the sidelines for a couple of seasons of the Bridgerton family saga.

Daphne Bridgerton

Daphne, oldest of the daughters, favored by the Queen herself, had no shortage of suitors. But alas, her love interest was a certain Simon. Alas because, well, Simon didn’t want kids. Daphne Bridgerton did. She was flabbergasted, and scandal ensued (noticing a theme here?). Later, as you would imagine, she gets him to come to his senses. They do the deed, she gets pregnant, and now the young couple of the Bridgerton family have to grapple with Simon insecurities about being a father.

Eloise Bridgerton

Initially, Eloise has no interest in all of the matchmaking that has everyone in the Bridgerton family occupied. She is more interested in uncovering the identity of the writer, named only Lady Whistledown, who’s been authoring gossip columns. It turns out to be the best friend who she, incidentally, asks to help her in her quest. 

Eloise Bridgerton eventually enters the matchmaking fray when she pens a letter of condolence to the recently widowed Philip Crane. Philip is her now-deceased fourth cousin Marina’s widower. A few letters later she gets a marriage proposal. Eloise rather wisely asks to meet him in person first. Possibly the 18th century version of “maybe let’s have dinner first?” 

Francesca Bridgerton

For all of season 1, Francesca, child number six, is away living with relatives in Bath, England. Francesca eventually marries an Earl, John Kilmartin. He passes away however, and his cousin Michael, initially concealing his love for Francesca, gets closer and closer to her. But as you can imagine, there’s a bit of a complication because John and Michael were close. We’ll let you watch the rest so you will learn more about the Bridgerton family tree.

Gregory Bridgerton

Gergory’s story is that of unrequited love (what would a scandalous series be without one?). He is besotted with Hermione Watson, who in turn, has eyes only for someone else. Undeterred, Gregory enlists the help of Hermione’s friend Lucy to bring her to her senses. Lucy and Gregory fall in love. Who needs Hermione anyway, right? Lucy, though, is engaged to someone else. 

But anyway, we digress. Back to the Bridgertons family chart.

Hyacinth Bridgerton

Intelligent, sharp-tongued and witty enough to intimidate many a brave man, Hyacinth doesn’t really have suitors when the season starts. She’s only ten at the time anyway, the youngest in the Bridgerton family. Later in the story however, she becomes involved with Gareth St Clair. Gareth is researching the contents of a diary written in Italian. So he approaches her for help. Cue the romantic music, another round of romance in the Bridgerton family tree begins.

Bridgerton Family


Bridgerton has millions, literally millions of households captivated. And with good reason. At the heart of the story is an interesting family in the middle of a fictional society. Hopefully, we helped you gain some insight into the Bridgerton family, and you can dive into the series knowing a little bit more.


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