human origins family tree

The Origins of a Family Tree

The genealogy boom started around 20 years ago. However, records, resources, and even technology were limited at that time. These days you can find all the necessary information with a single click so you basically don’t even need to get out of the chair to find records. Read More

ron weasley family tree

Weasley Family Tree

This famous wizarding family from a series of fantasy novels by J. K. Rowling is known for their red hair, money misfortunes and goodwill towards half-blood wizards and Muggles. The family made the Sacred Twenty-Eight, a list which comprised families that did not intermarry with muggles. However, they bewailed their… Read More

do i have royal blood

Do I Have Royal Blood

“Do I have royal blood?” Nowadays more and more people start asking this question. Many of us used to dream of being a descendant of a wealthy noble family in childhood – the premise of numerous fairytales, books, and movies. These days DNA tests get more affordable and… Read More